Social Research

We provide comprehensive research on social and behavioral issues to government agencies and selective enterprises. Our evidence-based research facilitates a broader perspective providing key policymakers and stakeholders clarity for decision-making on policies.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is essential to social and public policy research because it elicits an in-depth understanding of the values, experiences, and emotions that shape and influence individuals’ behaviors and attitudes. Our Qualitative Research division incorporates methodological competence with rigor and a commitment to providing world-class social research. Our methodology is guided by integrity that encompasses global best practices. We provide qualitative research design, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting services utilizing various qualitative approaches (focus groups, in-depth interviews, observation, case studies, and online qualitative techniques). Our highly skilled professionals have expertise in researching marginalized, vulnerable, or disadvantaged populations on a wide variety of public and social policy issues.

28 rēˌsearCH offers social survey assistance in data collection and delivery, s project management and fieldwork operation in the following areas: