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28 rēˌsərCH provides innovative solutions to government agencies and business enterprises by blending the following disciplines: cybersecurity, cloud computing, social research, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, offering our clients world-class technology to ensure safeguards from threats while addressing some of the greatest challenges in research and development.

Artificial Intelligence

We provide artificial intelligence (AI) services that implement nascent technology allowing your enterprise to thrive in a world of constant change. 28 rēˌsərCH artificial intelligence services can assist you in guiding the intellectual growth of your processes, technology, and organization. Our industry professionals help you develop a data-first approach, augment it with third-party sources, and operationalize and accelerate AI integration across your organization to drive positive business success.

Our Methodology

28 rēˌsərCH AI at Scale methodology combines our strategy and operational strategies with our key AI differentiators—durable, trustworthy, and scalable AI—to assist our clients in achieving their business goals. We can help you with initial planning, co-development of models and procedures, and even outsourcing.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud services designs allow you to manage and maintain the application on your platform of choice while providing accelerated discoveries such as artificial intelligence.

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to build, host, and deploy blockchain applications, smart contracts, and services over a vendor-developed blockchain infrastructure. A third party manages the backend and infrastructure with blockchain-as-a-service, lowering the benchmark for companies to adopt blockchain technology.

Whereas Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides companies access to software on a subscription basis, BaaS provides companies with access to a blockchain network configured to their specifications without the need for the company to construct its blockchain.


28 rēˌsərCH can assist you in quantifying and prioritizing your risks by offering the industry's highest standards in consulting and comprehensive managed security services. Our trusted adviser can expand your team, assist in detecting and responding to threats, and unify your business around security priorities.


Identify, manage, and reduce cybersecurity risk to systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities by developing an organizational strategy.

  • Cloud Security Services
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Services


Protect your data, cloud infrastructure, digital users, systems, and assets with a comprehensive strategy.

  • Offensive Security Services
  • Cloud Security Services


Using strong AI-driven insights and expertise, manage and test your defenses against threats, acquire actionable insights, and detect security episodes.

  • Consulting Services
  • Detection and Response Services
  • Managed Services

28 rēˌsərCH is developing a robust data-centric and secure program with comprehensive data protection required in government and private sectors. Our innovative technology "in development" will help protect your data against vulnerability and unauthorized access through exposure.


A blockchain is a decentralized database that is shared between computer network nodes. A blockchain acts as a database, storing information electronically in a digital form. The innovation of a blockchain is that it ensures the integrity and security of a data record and produces trust without requiring a trusted third party.

What is a Blockchain ?

A blockchain is a data structure where information is stored in blocks & cryptographically chained together.

  • Genesis Block

    Data: ...

    Prev. Hash: 0000

    Hash: 00...9e6ec1...

  • 2nd Block

    Data: ...

    Prev. Hash: 00...9e6ec1...

    Hash: 00...6c8ba33...

  • 3rd Block

    Data: ...

    Prev. Hash: 00...6c8ba33...

    Hash: 00...91b8ba3c...

In the Blockchain Icon replace the entire content with the following below: The boxes and arrows above make them green like the rockets on the story of us page.

Social Research

We provide comprehensive research on social and behavioral issues to government agencies and selective enterprises. Our evidence-based research facilitates a broader perspective providing key policymakers and stakeholders clarity for decision-making on policies.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is essential to social and public policy research because it elicits an in-depth understanding of the values, experiences, and emotions that shape and influence individuals' behaviors and attitudes. Our Qualitative Research division incorporates methodological competence with rigor and a commitment to providing world-class social research. Our methodology is guided by integrity that encompasses global best practices. We provide qualitative research design, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting services utilizing various qualitative approaches (focus groups, in-depth interviews, observation, case studies, and online qualitative techniques). Our highly skilled professionals have expertise in researching marginalized, vulnerable, or disadvantaged populations on a wide variety of public and social policy issues.

Social Survey

28 rēˌsərCH offers social survey assistance in data collection services (data delivery), project management and fieldwork operation in the following areas: